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Video Editing

A quick look at the different video editing tools available today. What are the most noticeable parts? Which of them is best for interacting on social media?


Social Network Video Editing Tools

Social media posts and blogs give us a lot of ways to be creative. There, we can say what we want, get attention, and talk about ideas. We no longer send long text messages, which is a shame. Modern people like video. The fact that they like good video is even more important. Making videos that look good is not an easy task. Even a 10-second clip takes time and work to shoot and edit.

There are many different tools for editing videos on the market, which is good. Not every one of them is the same. On the contrary, they have so many different kinds. So, how do you choose the best? What unique things should we be most interested in? Let’s take a look at these seven best options.


1. Movavi Video Editor

This is one of the best options in terms of how well it works. It has a lot of advantages, which is one of the best things about it. This is an easy-to-use tool that can also be used by professionals. This software for editing videos has a wide range of high-quality filters and effects. For example, it has Zoom, Scene Detection, Noise Gate, Stabilization, and many others. Options like motion tracking and Chroma key also look very good. Even though they are hard, they are an important part of advanced editing.

As for faster ways to do things, this video editor has a mode for that. This mode has five steps for quickly making videos with built-in templates. It also has a library of music.

This software for editing can be used on both PC and Mac.

Top features:

1.1.Various formats.

1.2.Social media sharing (YouTube, and popular platforms)

1.3.Performance optimization.

1.4.Multilingual support.

1.5.LUTs and filters.

1.6. Making videos quickly.


2.Wave Video Editor

Here is another tool for editing videos that makes posting them easy. Its best feature is that it has a huge collection of free clips. With this app, you can watch 200 million videos. There are also 300,000 audios. On the bright side, this is a big plus. But it could also stop people from being creative.

This software has filters that people are used to. The interface is hard to use, which is a shame. Choosing the right mode or effect isn’t always easy.

Special features:

2.1. Adds-free.

2.2. Huge library

2.3. Auto-resize.

2.4. Templates abound.


3.Hit-film Pro Video Editor

This video editor is very complex and has a lot of features. It doesn’t have a lot of audio tricks in its toolbox. On the other hand, it has a long list of very cool special effects. For example, it has options for powerful distortion and color change. It also has effects in both 2D and 3D. The Sky Replacement option is the last thing that comes with this editor.

Both Windows and Mac users can use this software to edit files.


Unique features:

3.1. Supports 3D.

3.2. Motion detection.

3.3. Color-adjustment versatility.

3.4. Useful

3.5. No potato PCs.


4.ShotCut Video Editor

Here is a strong video editing program for various devices. With Windows, Mac, and Linux, it functions perfectly. For individuals who frequently switch between devices and operating systems, this editor is fantastic. Its biggest plus is its adaptability. It supports, for instance, unique color effects. They take only a few seconds to add to your collection.

Additionally, it has a variety of filters. Size, Position, Stabilize, five Old Film filters, Picture-in-Picture, etc. are all options.


Notable features:

4.1 Color correction.


4.3. Hardware.

4.4. Animated GIFs.

4.5. 4K video optimization.

4.6. Not VR/3D compatible.


5.Lightworks Video Editor

Here is a really simple yet effective editing technique. It is currently regarded as one of the best in the movie business. It supports a wide range of formats. Most of its essential components work well in broadcast and wide format environments. But it also reduces its usefulness for easier jobs. For instance, sharing on social media is where this program falls short.

It works with Windows, Linux, and Mac systems.


Distinct features:

5.1. Preset effects.

5.2. Wide format selection.

5.3. Live editing.

5.4. proxy workflows

5.5. Online storage.

5.6. User-friendly VFX panel.

5.7. Metadata customization.


6.Horizon Video Editor

One interesting feature is the focus of this video editor. There is no victor in the conflict between lovers of portrait and landscape orientation. Each side has advantages over the other. Horizon, however, picks just one side. There are only horizontal videos available. also when held vertically.

This is a novel suggestion. It can end up being a wonderful gift for followers of this genre. But this oddity also makes it a specialty item.

Both iOS and Android mobile devices can use this program.


Top features:

6.1. 3 Leveling modes.

6.2. 3 Aspect ratios.

6.3. Slow-motion support (60 and 120 FOS).

6.4. Social network sharing.

6.5. 8 filters.

6.6. Only vertical videos.


7.Cidade Video Editor

Many solutions that are similar try to do more. The exact opposite is true of this little app. It focuses on one task and does it well. The app has, of course, a set of editing tools that have been used for years (video capture and video trimmer).

The app, on the other hand, is mostly about sending quick video messages that are easy and fun. The most obvious thing about it is a tool for adding text and stickers. This is a great chance to make short clips that are funny.

This is a useful tool that Windows users can use.


Peculiar features:

7.1. Adorable stickers

7.2. HD.

7.3. Good performance.

7.4. Trimmer.



The social media of today are very competitive places. To be successful and get people’s attention, creators need to make sure their work is as clear and interesting as possible. This means that we need to try different things and see what works.

So, the best choice is to choose tools with the most uses. It’s not as hard as people say it is to edit. Video editors today take care of the basics. So, you get to make things without any limits.

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